18 Wheeler Collision

Truck Wrecks


If you were involved in a crash with an 18-Wheeler, we are glad you are

reading this! A lot of people don’t survive crashes with 18-Wheelers. 

18-Wheelers are the bullies of the roads. They far outweigh your vehicle.

You would not believe the lengths that many insurance companies and 

their adjusters will go to just to prevent you from seeking legal action on

your behalf when an 18-Wheeler is involved. That’s because 18-Wheelers

are required to carry a lot of insurance, since most of their crashes result in 

severe damage.

The insurance industry has been successful in turning the minds of people against the legal process that will allow you to receive a fair financial recovery for your injuries. They know that verdicts have been affected by this and will offer low-ball, unfair settlements until a plaintiff like you proves that you are willing to go to trial.

Lawyers like us, who have real experience settling these cases and going to trial know how to deal with the hardball tactics of the insurance company.

If you have suffered any major injury in an 18-Wheeler crash, you need to seek out an experienced Texas injury attorney who will guide you through the process while taking care of the tough, dirty work for you. Contact David Frisby, PC in Fort Worth.