Products Liability

Defective Products


The tragedy of defective car seats and defective seat belts is that the

users are, by definition, behaving responsibly. That doesn’t make

much difference, though, when those safety systems fail and cause serious

injuries, many of them to vulnerable infants and children.

Defective car seat accidents cause hundreds of injuries each year, many times leaving very young children disabled for the rest of their lives. Product recalls have removed many unsafe car seats from the market, but many unsafe seats remain on the shelves or continue to be manufactured, causing even more tragedies. Whether the culprit is a weak shell, flammable materials, base/shell separation, or defective harness systems, the result is the same: an injured child.

Defective seat belts are equally dangerous. When flimsy webbing or defective latches give way, lives can be lost. Seat belts are very often the last line of defense for drivers in a collision, and those drivers who conscientiously wear their seat belts should be rewarded with a product that delivers on its promises. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. When safety systems fail, we offer sophisticated legal representation to those looking for justice. Lap belts are not enough. There are still cars on the road without shoulder harnesses. Lap belts can cause paraplegic injuries.