Property Division

Dividing your property and assets

 If you are getting a divorce, it is crucial that your rights to your assets are protected throughout the divorce process. Even if you anticipate an amicable divorce, emotions are an inevitable part of the divorce process that can have an effect on the distribution of assets between you and your ex-spouse. Thus, it is still crucial to have an advocate in your corner in case things take a turn for the worse.  

When people marry, each spouse brings separate property to the marriage. The couple also acquires property together during the marriage (community property). Community property is divided fairly (but not necessarily equally) between the two spouses.

When couples seek a divorce in Texas, they are free to reach a property settlement in regards to their separate and community property. If the spouses are unable to reach a settlement agreement, the judge makes every effort to divide the couple's community property as fairly as possible in accordance with the law.